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Testimonials for Pixorium

Page history last edited by Jiffy Page 4 years, 6 months ago


"Jiffy Page of Pixorium takes a very personal approach to your family’s photo history.  She wants you to protect and preserve that history, and also help you share that story with family and friends. Her very customized service includes scanning to story books. And she is delightful to work with during the process!"


Vicki Tutterow

May 2016



"Jiffy Page and Pixorium is the best gift I've ever given my mother. She scanned and saved hundreds of our families prized photos plus organized them so we can easily access them anytime. We used Pixorium's scanned pix to make a family album and a slide show for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. Thanks to Jiffy, we don't have to worry about ever losing our precious memories!"


Heather Rogers, Simply Organized 

April 2016


"Working with Jiffy Page and Pixorium to digitize and manage my client's century of photographs has been a relief and a delight for myself and my client. Jiffy is as professional as they come, and from the initial intake to the discussion of expectations to the clear communication and itemized estimate, my client and I were in good hands the entire way. My client was so thrilled with Pixorium's service (both in terms of technical quality and human interaction) that we've returned to Pixorium again and again. Whether you're seeking straightforward photographic preservation or a storytelling solution for family history, I can recommend Pixorium's services without hesitation."


Julie Bestry, CPO®, Best Results Organizing 

April 2016


"Jiffy Page and Pixorium came through big time for one of my clients! I spent over a year organizing printed photos for a client and after all was said and done, we selected the top ten percent of photos to digitize and preserve. Jiffy made it so easy for me to facilitate the project, and I loved how every envelope of photos was scanned into a separate digital folder, and the folder was labeled exactly the same as the physical envelope. I trust Jiffy and her team to take great care of my clients precious photo memories!"


Monica Ricci, Catalyst Organizing

April 2016


"I know when I send a client to Jiffy at Pixorium, I can rest assured they will be 100% completely satisfied and taken care of. Every client who ends up using Pixorium is over the moon with their individualized results, and I can’t wait until I have my own excuse to use Jiffy’s services for my own personal projects!"


Helen Preston, Rise & Organize

April 2016