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August 2017 Chapter Meeting Information

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National Association of Professional Organizers - Georgia Chapter

Chapter Meeting Information




Date: August 8th, 2017


Time: 6:00pm


Location: Heritage Green Sandy Springs 

                   Heritage Community Room

                   6110 Bluestone Road

                   Sandy Springs, GA  30328 




Program Topic:

Three Keys for Overcoming Resistance to Change - At Work


Speaker Information:

Peter Vajda


Far more than a coach, Peter is a thought leader and a passionate pioneer in the field of integrative functioning and human development.  For over 25 years, Peter has applied his deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind, heart and soul. His work is dedicated to the consciously-lived experience which leads to an individual's higher functioning and personal evolution. He is sensitive, intuitive, direct, goal-oriented, passionate, energetic and highly supportive. He draws upon a wide range of experience in working with the "whole body" including psychodynamics, ego psychology, as well as energy exercises and breathwork.

Peter also brings a broad and diversified base of professional expertise, as an entrepreneur, an award-winning educator, a facilitator, a speaker, and a manager. He is known for his grounded, experiential and practical coaching style which focuses on real-world solutions.







Guest fee: $25





5:00 - 6:00 pm -- Roundtable Discussion for Members  Topic: Julie Bestry will walk us through the requirements for becoming a CPO 

6:00 - 6:30 pm -- Registration, Library, and Dinner

6:30 pm -- Call to Order

7:20 pm -- Program 

8:20 pm -- Adjournment




Important parking and direction information:

There are many large events held at the center, mostly on the weekends. Because of that, they have several parking lots. The two lots that are closest to the building are the ones you want to park in, especially since it will be dark when we leave the center.

The first lot surrounds the building. There are about 35 spots there. The second lot is directly across from the front entrance. It’s a parking lot of a business that allows the center to use their lot for evening events. The sign says 200 - The Capital Companies. It’s on Bluestone Road, like the center, but the sign is on the side of the lot that faces the CityWalk shopping center. Heritage Green’s parking map does NOT have this lot marked.

Click here for directions, but use above information for parking lots.