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The Garage Dude  - Scott Saffran

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The Garage Dude

Scott Saffran, Owner







 No room to park your car in your garage?
Does your garage give you "stress" because you are embarrassed by the way it looks?
Overwhelmed and not sure how to start organizing your garage?

Let The Garage Dude help!

​Garage/Basement organization, storage, flooring and more!​


I provide three distinct services; Garage De-cluttering/Organizing, Design and Install Storage Solutions and Garage Flooring.  I help home owners clear out all the stuff that has accumulated in their garage and create organizational space by utilizing the walls and ceiling to store items.  I work closely with my client's to design, order, delivery and install custom storage solutions  including cabinets, shelving, hooks, baskets and much more.  Once everything is off the ground, I also provide beautiful flooring solutions to cover up the ugly grease/oil stains on their concrete floor.


Call me today at 678.637.9680 to learn more!

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